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28 January 2010

Genealogy/Family History: Whitacre Family Cemetery; Schuyler County, Missouri

Lat: 40° 33' 55"N, Lon: 92° 26' 40"W, approx.
Total records = 10.

The Whitacre Family Cemetery located on the Max Snowbarger Farm in Darby, Schuyler County, Missouri, is so close to the North Central home of my father Max H. Tomey of Lancaster, Missouri, that there is no line. 

The directions I was given are as follows: out of Lancaster, drive towards the TV tower. When you get to the tower, go left and 2.3 miles north. It is on the way to the Darby church. It is on the southeast corner of a field near an area called the Old Darby farm. 

There is an old house nearby that is falling down. It also is located near the Berle and Anna Shaw farm. They were the ones who showed me where it was. I was there around June 18, 1980. Some of the property may have changed ownership since. 

There is one large stone for Isaac and Luisa and eight small headstones and footstones. The small headstones were all knocked over and laying in various areas of the cemetery. Apparently they were knocked over by the cows which graze there.

We collected them all and stacked them on the base of Isaac and Luisa's large stone. 

Isaac Newton Whitacre and Louisa Jane Norman are my  Great-Great Grandparents.

- Paula A. Tomey-Allen
Reynolds, Jaspen, May 14, 1868, d. Sep 9, 1868, s/of R & SF Reynolds
Whitacre , Luisa J, Sept 6, 1830, d. Aug 3, 1894 (Her maiden name was Luisa Jane Norman)
Whitacre , Isaac N., Jan 30, 1818, d. May 10, 1904 (His middle name is Newton)
Whitacre, Alcinda, d. Jan 21, 185?, 10m 20d, d/o N&L Whitacre
Whitacre, Louzetta, b. Aug 26, 1879, d. Mar 14, 1881, d/of B.R. and S.M. Whitacre (Parents may be Bush Rod and Susan M. Speer Whitacre),
Whitacre, Arthur D, d. Jul 14, 1880, Aged 1 yr 6m 26d, s/of J.H. & B.E. Whitacre
Whitacre, William M, d. Jan 22, 1859, Aged 5yr 11 mo, s/o N&L Whitacre
Whitacre, Andrew J, d. Jun 18, 1872, Age 5yr 6m 6d, s/o N&L Whitacre
Whitacre, Newton J., d. Mar 20, 1858, 10y 6m, 20d, s/o N&L Whitacre
Whitacre, Ira L, d. Mar 21, 1882, 3 y 10m 30d, s/o N&L Whitacre
*(Parents Richard and Sarah Frances L. Norman Reynolds)
**(Parents James Harvey and Barbara Ella Green Whitacre)
***(Parents Bushrod and Susan M. Speer Whitacre)

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